Do you have a custom display need?

C&B produces a full range of Retail Ready Packaging, Corrugated Containers, Partitions and Inserts

C&B are experts in Retail Ready Packaging (RRP).

RRP can dramatically improve your profitability by simplifying stock replenishment and lower supply chain costs while increasing retail lifts by as much as 75%. High quality RRP improve your product visibility and brand recognition in the retail environment.

Packaging Options

C&B will help you chose the right corrugated packaging for your product and needs

  • Retail Ready Packaging

  • Shipping Boxes

  • Specialty and Custom Boxes

  • Plain and Printed

  • Heavy Duty Boxes

  • White or Kraft Boxes

  • Trays

  • Inserts and Partitions

Pick from a wide variety of box styles and sizes including:

RSCRegular Slotted Carton
HSCHalf Slotted Carton
FOLFull Overlap Slotted Carton
FPWFive Panel Wrap
COCCut Out Carton
COWCut Out Wrap
DCCDie Cut Carton

Construction, Material and Coating Options

Choose from Single Face, Single Wall, Double Wall and Trial Wall Construction plus Custom flute configuration for specific packaging needs.

Kraft (Brown) linerboard and medium is standard for most jobs. Oyster (white) is an option at additional cost.

Corrugated board may be treated with a variety of coatings to enhance its usefulness and appearance including:

  • Moisture Resistant Coatings

  • Grease Resistant Coatings

  • Abrasion Resistant Coatings

  • Scuff Resistant Coatings

  • Heat Resistant Coatings

  • Corrosion Resistant Coatings

Print Options

C&B offers print options including digital, litho, flexo and screen printing to enhance your product and drive sales with high definition graphics.

Flexo PrintingIs used for basic graphics and high volume production runs at a reasonable cost.
Litho PrintingRequires high resolution images and is printed on labels which is mounted to corrugated sheets.
Screen PrintingDoes not have the same sharpness as litho printing but can be printed directly on the board.
Digital PrintingDoes not yet have the same quality as litho printing yet but is growing in popularity as well as improving in